A Houston-based international oil & gas company needed to expand the flow capacity of an existing pipeline, and a new pump station was required to maximize throughput.  Revere was selected to conduct a cause and effect analysis on the project, build the pre-designed panel, and integrate the systems. Given the number of contractors involved, schedule adherence was critical.

Description of Services Provided:

  • Conducted cause & effect analysis
  • Project management by an experienced midstream project manager
  • ControlLogix configuration on a Rockwell Automation PLC to manage the local and remote autostarting of the medium voltage booster pump
  • Build new FactoryTalk View graphics to support diagnostic and local control of the valves and pump
  • Configure the added Stratix network switches. Recorded network settings.
  • Integrate the diagnostic data from the power monitors
  • Integrate the basic data from the Rockwell Automation VFD PLC. i.e. general fault, ready, and running status
  • Update the Remote Director Data mapping table
  • Loop checkout was executed by an experienced engineer
  • SCADA/pipeline control point to point was managed by an experienced engineer
  • Redline the supplied drawings with the field changes encountered
  • Start-up commissioning

Customer Results:

The system integration project with this client achieved the objective for increased flow capacity in a new pumping station.   Though Revere was not part of the original panel design work, we discovered an Emergency Shut Down design gap on the panel design and were able to modify the design and the panel in the field to accommodate the customer’s needs and schedule.  Revere identified bottlenecks with other contractors, assisted in fixing them and kept the project moving forward to meet the completion schedule, which in this case was mission-critical.