At Revere, we promise to deliver your projects on time and on budget while keeping you always informed. We believe that it’s your project, so you should be an expert on where it stands. Nowhere is this commitment more important than the relationship between us and our OEM partners. After all, you’re not a one-time customer; if we’re going to work together consistently, being in sync is crucial. The first step in our relationship is assigning you a highly technical account manager. Your Revere account manager is there to hear your needs and optimize your experience through the life of each project that comes our way. Alongside our account managers, we have an internal suite of collaboration tools that give you access to your project info anytime, anywhere.


REX is our online project server that hosts information on every single project we do at Revere, all stored on a secure website available to you 24/7/365. REX was developed for one of our OEM customers who found it difficult to juggle all their open projects. To help them better manage their projects, we created REX, which gave them a consistent framework by which they can check project status, review all documents and drawings, see key project contacts, and track shipping. The customer enjoyed it so much that we’ve made this available at no cost to all our customers, and multiple OEM partners use it consistently today. REX retains all historical data, so not only does it help you manage open jobs, it serves as a reference for future projects to allow for costing and delivery estimates. REX removes the need for frustrating project information searches, empowering you to spend your time on more valuable activities.


Our Customer Portal is another collaboration tool we’ve developed for use with our OEM partners. As our relationship grows and we jointly develop standardized products for you to take to market, reordering grows easier for you as well. After all, as design effort for standardized products decreases; shouldn’t your purchasing efforts decrease as well? Your Revere account engineer can work with you to create your customized Customer Portal, where you’ll be able to see up-to-date costs, availability, and reorder with the click of a button.


Your time and peace of mind are valuable. In a competitive market, on-demand access to accurate information can be the difference between winning and losing your next big project. We’ve developed a suite of collaboration tools that give you a competitive edge because we understand that the solution is important, but so is the process that creates that solution. We want to go deep in our relationship with you.