This aluminum sheet producer developed new mill technology to scale up the production of aluminum sheets so that it could be deployed to multiple user sites. This technology would result in reduced transportation costs, decreased supply chain delays and optimize energy costs. They were looking for a lean, flexible, responsive engineering team for construction, and contracted Revere to assist in the electrical design and installation of a proof of concept micro mill.

Description of Services Provided:

Revere’s deliverables included the Electrical Design, E-house, Electrical Installation, and Start-up Support for the Mill, Furnace, and Caster areas as detailed below:

  • Designed electrical to include
    • Cable Schedules for Motor Leads
    • Home Runs
    • Power & Communications
    • Safety devices and Feeders
    • Single Line Diagram Edits
    • B floor plan Edits
    • Cable Trays
    • PLC Schematic Edits
    • Trench Drawing Edits for Underground Conduit
  • Installed New Feeder (after demolishing old one), cable trays, cable pulls, terminations, and new equipment grounding
  • Designed and built E-house to include
    • HVAC
    • Lighting
    • Wireless Access Points
    • 1x 480V/120V transformer for lighting and office power
    • Lighting Panel with 100A Main and 24x 20A Breakers
    • and Fire Alarm Control Panel
    • Site Startup Support (Cold & Hot Commissioning)

Customer Results:

Key success metrics for Revere were an on schedule, high quality, and safety incident-free electrical design & installation to support the on-time startup & commissioning of the micromill.  Revere completed the design and installation on time (December 2017) when adjusted for delays caused by others not working for Revere.

This project was very complex. Revere’s electrical design team performed excellent quality reviews of third-party electrical drawings and schematics from the client and sub-contractors, resulting in catching many errors prior to installation. Revere’s local electrical installation subcontractor supervised and installed the cable trays, conduit, wiring, and e-house with high satisfaction from the client. Wiring errors were < 1% upon inspection.

Revere completed this firm fixed price project under budget including the approval of one change order.  Client gave Revere a high rating and will engage Revere again.