One of our OEM partners was preparing bids for a sanitation district on the west coast. This district had a practice of creating extremely detailed specifications and demanding absolute adherence to them from their vendors.  Our partner was concerned about the bidding risk this created. However, Revere’s depth of experience with the desired application, coupled with a prior experience with many consultants and city engineers, meant that we were able to take the automation specs given and create a control system proposal that fulfilled the district’s stringent demands.


When we design a control solution for an OEM partner, we take full responsibility to ensure that the system meets the specs throughout the course of the project. Our decades of experience in a variety of control system applications mean that we can take a set of specs, translate them into a system design that meets the demands of the end user, and deliver that system at a price that makes your bid stand out. In a highly competitive market, you need every competitive advantage you can get; we offer our partners the security of steady costs by guaranteeing that our control systems will meet the specs.