Having a system integrator that produces world-class control systems is a major competitive advantage for any OEM, but if your integrator can only handle a couple of projects at a time for you, it limits their true value. At Revere, we routinely execute 1000+ projects and build 3000+ panels per year, so we have the engineering and shop resources to support your project demands. As your demands grow, we scale our support up with you. One OEM with whom we’ve worked for decades has a fully designated team within Revere’s OEM group that primarily supports their needs. We have on average 25-30 jobs going with this single OEM at any moment, and we’ve permanently embedded an engineer in their home office to further help them serve their end users.


Other OEM partners have benefitted from this capacity to design, manufacture and deploy automation solutions at the scale that matches your needs. One international OEM partner calls on us for approximately 100 projects a year, and these projects aren’t just simple panel builds. We provide full design and equipment protection, as well as training their service team to be self-sufficient in supporting the end users. We’ve also created multiple branded and specifiable hardware and software solutions that this OEM has taken to market that has allowed them to engage new markets and be more price competitive in their primary markets. Revere even offers support on projects we didn’t initially execute, because we know that our success is tied directly to the success of our OEMs. We don’t succeed unless you do, and our capacity to fully execute many projects simultaneously is a major competitive advantage for our partners.