Our OEM partners are located throughout the United States and the world, and the projects we’re asked to assist with in bidding can be anywhere in the world. We stand ready to assist our partners on their startups anywhere, as one of our OEMs found out. This particular project was located in Belgrade, Serbia, which presented a series of unique challenges for us. Not only would standard travel and living expenses be high, but local regulations and end-user training requirements meant that supporting startup would require significant overhead time, never mind the cultural and language barrier. But thanks to Revere’s status as a founding member of the Automation Alliance Group, we were able to call on an AAG partner in Belgrade to execute the startup on our behalf. This AAG ally knew the language and culture, as well already being safety certified at the plant in question, so we familiarized them with our OEM’s operations and technical requirements and they handled the startup, saving our OEM partner over $15,000USD.


Nationally, one of our OEMs was starting up a project in a city in the midwestern United States. Bid prices for the project were extremely competitive and being low bidder was key, so our partner asked us to be particularly aggressive in minimizing total cost for the customer. We were able to do some value engineering, but a major price sticking point was the amount of time required for startup. Job specs required 22 labor-weeks on the job site, so the cost to support startup using Revere engineering would have been costly. As an alternative, we were able to create a six-figure price reduction by utilizing one of our Automation Alliance Group (AAG) allies that was located just over 2 hours from the site. Our OEM partner won the job in no small part thanks to this savings. Another OEM client of Revere’s requested a quote that included a five-year warranty on the control system. However, the project was located on the West Coast, so Revere’s (and ultimately the end user’s) cost to support that warranty would have put our partner at a significant competitive disadvantage. We were able to leverage an AAG affiliate located just 60 miles from the job site to create a significant price reduction. Not only was the price lowered, but the end user’s support response time went from one day to about an hour and a half.


Our alliance with industry-leading system integrators across the United States and around the world gives our OEMs a competitive advantage by keeping startup and support costs low, all while ensuring that the project is executed by Revere. If an AAG partner supports a job on Revere’s behalf, we stand behind it as though our own engineers executed it, resulting in consistent quality and support our OEMs can trust for their customers. We’ve utilized Alliance partners to support our customers all over the world, from Serbia to Kazakhstan to Peru and beyond. We’ve also directly supported our OEMs on projects in places such as Canada, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia. Regardless of where your project is located, you can leverage our world-class automation solutions to be your competitive advantage.