Our success in the OEM world is tied inextricably to the business success of our OEMs. We believe in being a full extension of your name brand. When we enter into an OEM relationship, we come to terms with you on full Non-Disclosure and Private Label agreements that are carefully honored throughout Revere. At that point, we operate as though we are employees of your company, making every effort to promote your brand. This includes using your title blocks on submittals, enclosure nameplates and support phone numbers, and when we’re called out for support we show up wearing your branded hats and shirts. As far as the end user is concerned, our engineers are a part of the OEM’s team, and we pride ourselves on delivering solutions and service that elevate an OEM’s brand in the end user’s mind.


Over years of experience, we’ve found that treating the OEM’s brand like our own lends significant advantages to both parties, as one of our longest-running partners can attest. Having completed nearly 2000 projects together, we functionally operate as the same company. Our OEMs trust us with their whole process; from spec review and revision to startup to support, no matter where we are, we’re simply introduced as their controls team. That’s how we like it.


We take this approach with every one of our OEMs, and it represents a key promise: We’re here to support your business’s success, and we’re committing that our success is tied to yours. You can trust that we aren’t there simply to make a connection with an end user and then go around you. Your brand is our brand, and your end users are yours. In a volatile and competitive marketplace, we’ve got your back.