SCADA Panel Project contract was awarded to Revere who served as the Prime Contractor


Description of Services Provided:

  • Establish a cellular SCADA telemetry system allowing for the network of more than one hundred remote lift stations, drainage pump stations and water towers into a single network. The communication protocol was DNP3 and allowed for store and forward capability to the SCADA System located at the Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Provided Panels at four (4) lift stations, eleven (11) drainage pump stations and four (4) water tower sites
  • Installed Panels at seven (7) drainage pump stations and powered by solar energy
  • Applied new field instrumentation and field wiring at several remote sites
  • Configured Multi-Smart Controller and HMI using Trihedral VTScada Software
  • Conducted electrical installation, checkout and commissioning
  • Performed submittals and Factory Testing