Pump Efficiency and Energy Savings

Charli Matthews, publisher of “Empowering Pumps,” has published a very good post addressing issues related to pump efficiency and energy savings. Her article addresses the history of pump motors, some current statistics, and a few elements of the future of energy efficient pumps, including variable speed drives for pumps. One area Charli’s article does not address is sequencing of multi-pump configurations, particularly in water/wastewater applications. This is an area where we have had success helping clients achieve energy savings within their treatment plants. For several years, we have maintained an intense interest in the connection between water and energy (and also here), including the publishing of an article for the WWEMA Corner of WaterWorld magazine. We have extensive expertise in pump controls, especially for high horsepower or complex, multi-pump configurations. If you would like assistance in assessing ways in which your plant may be able to save energy costs by improving pump efficiency, we’d like to talk with you.