Revere a Member of Corning Network of Preferred Installers

Revere has completed the process required to be named a member of Corning’s Network of Preferred Installers (NPI) of fiber optic systems at the Authorized level. Among the requirements for the certification process, which is for the company and not individuals, were training classes and on-site inspections. We are currently one of only two control system integrators in the Southeast to qualify for this level of certification. The certification means that we will be able to offer our customers a 25-year warranty on fiber optic installations. Fiber optic is becoming the preferred medium for control system networks for plant-wide systems. According to Corning’s description of their program, it is intended to provide assurances to end users that their contractors are qualified to provide reliable end-to-end cabling solutions, while also giving contractors a means to differentiate themselves from others in the field. Revere will stay compliant by meeting annual training requirements and by maintaining a minimum level of product purchases.