Revere Will Do Controls for Tunnel Project Conveyors

We recently landed a project to provide controls for conveyors to be used in the Port of Miami Tunnel (POMT) project. This project includes providing a direct connection from the Port of Miami to highways I-95 and I-395, eliminating the substantial congestion currently experienced by the nearly 16,000 vehicles that travel to and from the seaport each day. The tunnel will route traffic under Government Cut, a waterway that connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Intracoastal Waterway separating Miami Beach from the mainland.

Revere will be providing multiple 200hp VFDs and associated PLCs to control 10,000 feet of conveyor systems that will be used to extract the loose material produced by a custom-designed tunnel boring machine almost 50′ in diameter and two football fields in length. The tunnel project will ultimately produce an interstate-class roadway under the water at a total cost of approximately $607 million. Complete tunnel project information and photos here. Very interesting and informative animation of tunnel boring machine operation.