Your Pumping Automation Questions Answered

If it’s pumping automation, then it’s…

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Rob Shanks, Director of ReverePAC

Since starting ReverePAC, we’ve been asked many of the same questions about Revere Control Systems and ReverePAC. I wanted to answer some of those questions for you today so you’ll better understand how ReverePAC can serve as your go-to for pumping automation.

When did Revere decide to start focusing on pumping automation?

We’ve actually been automating pumping for nearly 40 years, since our founding in 1980. However, that expertise had been scattered across the company, delivering pumping to all of our different divisions. ReverePAC combines our company wide pumping automation expertise into a strategic, efficient, and cohesive unit to enhance our pump automation offerings.

Where is ReverePAC? Can you provide field service?

ReverePAC is based at Revere’s headquarters in Birmingham, and we execute some field service work directly out of this office. However, we have the full weight of Revere’s 6 offices and numerous remote support staff behind us, as well as our AAG members, so no matter where you are, we have the ability to respond to your service needs quickly.

In what markets do you work?

Simple answer: any of them! We’ve got deep industry experience working with government/municipalities, OEMs, industrial clients, and commercial projects. Whether you work exclusively in one market or reach across many, we can partner to give you pumping automation peace of mind.

What do you automate pumping of?

To name a few: water and wastewater including clean water, washdown water, process water, wastewater; oil and gas including hydraulic fluid, petroleum, diesel, diesel fuel, chemicals; and air. In other words, if it can be pumped, we can help you pump it.

Who do you sell to?

Our sales tend to be to one of seven types of clients:

    1. Manufacturer Reps
    2. Pump OEMs
    3. Pump Distributors
    4. General, Prime, Electrical, and Excavation Contractors
    5. End Users
    6. OEMs who sell pumping automation packages with their equipment
    7. Consultants

Essentially, anyone who needs pumping or knows someone who does is right in our wheelhouse.

Did you notice a theme? Our experience gives us the ability to provide you with pump automation peace of mind, no matter who you are or what you’re pumping. Our pact with you is reliability, speed, and peace of mind. That’s why we like to say that our new division is your new pumping automation go-to.

Give us a call or drop us a line today and put your pump automation worries to rest.

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Meet the Customer Support Team

Rob Shanks

ReverePAC Director

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Admin Support Services

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