virtual factory acceptance test

Revere’s Factory Acceptance Tests Are Going Virtual

So much of the technology we have access to today has allowed us to be more remotely connected to each other—this is especially evident right now, during the COVID-19 pandemic. We get so used to these capabilities that we often don’t realize how integral they are until we’re forced to keep our distance. 

At Revere, we were working on virtualizing our Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) process before we knew a pandemic was coming simply for the convenience of our clients—but now it’s serving an even more important purpose. 

Saving You Time and Money with Virtual FAT

Traveling to see your panels in person is expensive, time consuming, and—at this point—actually unsafe. Even before we were told to practice social distancing and limit travel, we knew that a virtual FAT would benefit our clients in numerous ways. 

Even on top of the convenience and the saved travel expenses, virtual FAT also makes repairing a panel much more cost-efficient. Making adjustments to a panel once it’s already in the field is much more expensive than letting us adjust it in our own facility, before it reaches you. Many panel shops aren’t capable or simply don’t have the facilities to do this kind of testing physically on site to the degree that Revere does. 

We know that our clients want (and sometimes are required) to see their industrial control panels in person to make sure they meet their company standards—but in-person FATs are expensive. We know that some clients have a certain style of requirements, some clients come from all over, and we produce a wide variety of panels. That’s why we’re trying to simulate as much as we can in our testing facility, before we send the equipment out to the job site. 

Virtual FAT and COVID-19

Although we were working on virtual FAT before the outbreak of the coronavirus, we can’t talk about it without emphasizing the safety precautions it’s now allowing our clients to take. Not only is going through this process virtually safer for us, it’s also safer for our clients and their employers. There’s far less liability on companies when they don’t have to send their employees places—the results are the same, without any physical contact. It’s better for liability reasons, better for insurance purposes, and better for everyone involved. Not to mention it results in a better, more cost-effective product. With virtual FAT, you can save money, keep your employees safer, and maximize your equipment quality, so there’s no need to sacrifice—during a pandemic, or when things are back to normal. 

The fewer people we’re bringing through the door, the more likely it is that we’ll be able to keep supplying our clients with whatever they need. Because we’re on the cutting edge of being able to do virtual testing, we’re still able to conduct business in the safest possible way. 

At Revere, we don’t just create tech products. We’re a smart tech company—and that means we’re always working to make our processes better and continuing to serve our clients in whatever ways we can. We preach a proactive mindset to our clients, and we strive to practice what we preach. This mindset allowed us to shift seamlessly into these crazy times. Adapting is part of what we do at Revere—we flipped the switch and kept rolling. 

Lower cost, higher quality, safety first—get in touch with Revere Control Systems to learn more about our virtual FAT.