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How Do I Measure Cost Savings?

There’s money to be made in your plant. And it can be had without buying new robots, hiring more production workers, or making the R&D department work overtime. It’s a good bet your equipment and motors can be run more efficiently, producing significant savings in energy expenditures. So how can you tell if there’re savings…

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Elon Musk tweet with picture of Starhopper rocket in flight

Are You Flying Blind?

On August 27th, 2019, SpaceX launched its Starhopper rocket prototype 150 meters above the plains of south Texas and then landed it gently on an adjacent landing pad. (You can read more and watch the video here) This was another successful step forward for SpaceX founder Elon Musk’s goal of reaching Mars. However, August 27th…

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Table of example control system tags and their values, data type, and description

Tags, You’re It!

If you’ve spent time around control systems, you’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase “tags” used. After all, tags are an integral part of a control program. And controllers (PLCs, DCS, etc.). And operator interfaces (HMIs). And historians. And a whole host of other pieces of a control system. With all these tags floating around, it can…

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A SCADA component chart with a troubleshooting logo on it

SCADA Basics: Troubleshooting

If you’ve been following along with your SCADA Basics series, you’ve learned the components of a SCADA system, as well as how to choose your telemetry communication method. We understand, though, that not everyone is looking to get a new system. Many of you already have SCADA systems, and your challenge is keeping them online.…

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Instrumentation is compiled as telemetry data and sent by radio or cell RTUs to the SCADA operator terminal, where it’s used for alarm monitoring and control system adjustments.

SCADA Basics: What are SCADA and Telemetry?

How do you manage a network of remote substations without letting the cost sink you? This was the question that faced power and natural gas companies in the early 1900s. The eventual solution to this problem created the foundation for automation as we know it: SCADA. SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. At…

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“Creative” Control Solutions: Slam Dunk or Risky Scheme?

One of the things we love at Revere is having the chance to come up with creative solutions for our customers. Unfortunately, when it comes to automation and control systems integration, some people view creative solutions as a “risky scheme”. This feeling is understandable, because above all else, a business needs their equipment up and…

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What is Automation EPC?

By Vice President of Sales and Marketing Greg Graves Many products have a brand name that is synonymous with the product function so that no explanation is needed as to how it works. The point at which a company achieves such brand recognition is when differentiation has truly been created. When I worked for a…

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