modernized control systems

The Many Benefits of Modernized Control Systems

The modernization of control systems allows for industrial manufacturers to experience a wide range of benefits, as well as avoid some common challenges that come with avoiding control system upgrades. Manufacturers who modernize their systems gain data visibility and tap into truly data-driven manufacturing. The results of modernization speak for themselves—lower costs, increased quality, and faster, more educated decision-making, just to name a few. 

Control systems modernization is a future-focused upgrade, designed to not only set you up for success now but allow your facility to grow and prosper down the road. You’ll need a strong and strategic modernization plan to achieve a smooth transition, and that’s where we come in. 

The Challenges of Un-Modernized Control Systems

One of the worst things you can do for your control system waits until it’s on its last leg to upgrade it. Modernizing sooner rather than later will ensure a more productive and efficient future for your facility. 

With outdated control systems, it’s hard to create the reports you need for operations—they can often lack both data accuracy and visibility. These things make reporting, control, and decision-making much more difficult. When you have bad reporting, you’re likely to make bad decisions (see more about that here). 

Technology is always evolving, and if you’ve got old controls, you’re missing out on new insights. Better technology means better operators, and that means better processes and production for your industry. 

The Benefits of Modernized Control Systems

One of the greatest benefits of modernized control systems is peace of mind. An old system requires you to spend too much time thinking about the aging system itself rather that your process, and that’s a problem. 

Other benefits include the reduction of maintenance and repairs, which saves money; improved analytics for alarming, preventing downtime and issues before they arise; and smarter controls allowing for increased efficiency, optimized processes, less wasted raw material, and increased quality. Not to mention that modernized control systems are built for the future—meaning that you can account for growth or changing demands quickly and easily as needed. Modernized controls are also more modular and can be easily modified to accommodate future facility needs without massive capital expenditures.

Revere’s Process

With Revere’s modernization program, you can expect concrete deliverables and open communication from start to finish. First, we’ll send one of our migration engineers to do a site assessment of all your current control systems. 

Then, we’ll review the scope of the project and estimate with you with Revere’s FEED+. We’ll define our justification for the proposed cost, provide a detailed scope of the work to be done, give you an installation plan/cutover schedule, and more at this stage. We’ll even give you a summary justification based on the cost of keeping your current system, so you can compare the numbers and make an informed decision. 

Lastly, we’ll finalize everything and go over it with you, so you know exactly what will happen and when. Then we’ll get to work giving you a modernized system that will save you money and give you peace of mind. 

Take the first step toward modernizing your control systems today. Start a conversation with Revere.