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The SCADA Development Community: A Prime Place for Collaboration

The applications that underpin successful automation rarely prove overtly simple. However, a new open source movement has increased the accessibility of one key automation component: SCADA. These hubs for SCADA development help link resources to developers, allowing organizations to bypass some economic and start-up hurdles. 

Open Source in Automation

Open source’s headway in the technological sphere has roots in a number of computer-based industries, including programming and IT. But automation’s reluctance to fully adopt open source models has merit. 

Beyond solely proprietary concerns, open source carries its fair share of pitfalls. For instance, open source automation resources may not mesh with existing paid-for assets. Or the problem could lie with the platform itself. It may lack the flexibility to effectively run both. 

Let’s not forget about experience. Somewhere along the lines, expertise has to meet equipment. If not, kinks in the system may spiral into something much worse. Workflow could be stalled, leading to downtime. Malfunctions could also result from faulty development, which sets the stage for safety issues. The right expertise helps ensure a streamlined automation process throughout. 

This is not to say open source SCADA development doesn’t have any value—it just has its limits. In fact, this shift in automation shows promise in a number of sectors, especially where end users are concerned. It’s rooted in a shared desire to overcome challenges and improve automation’s reach. 

An Automation Application Library

One of the newest enterprises to enter onto the scene is Ignition SCADA, a platform introduced in 2019 that houses a collection of ready-made resources, ranging from scripts to styles. Ignition Exchange, the open source community tied to Ignition SCADA, also allows users to circulate resources in-house or share uploaded assets with anyone. 

Ignition Exchange’s library of resources has been billed as a time saver for developers. It does this by anchoring workload from a single point. The collection offers developers a chance to devote the lion’s share of work to the application’s core, rather than a myriad of other places. 

Open source SCADA hubs, like Ignition Exchange, can prove useful from an educational standpoint as well. Newcomers and students alike may find the information on SCADA databases and forums helpful in learning. This could not only improve a developers’ toolkit, but the overall skill set in the industry as well. 

Our Contribution to Automation

Automation’s accessibility has seen improvement in recent years, but automation, and the applications underlying, still carries quite the range of complexity. The right expertise remains indispensable: it helps ensure a streamlined automation integration process. Luckily, that’s exactly what Revere provides. Contact us for automation solutions you can count on. Plus, search out the latest trends in automation, including SCADA, on our blog!