Under-Planned & Over Budget: Ever Been There?

Having a plan and a process by which to execute that plan should be elements of every project. One of the difficulties is that organizations do not always have the engineering expertise to draft a scope of work that is as thorough or well-rounded as the project requires to be considered a success. A good idea and associated cost can be easy to obtain. With an organization that is all focused on the same goals/directives, the approval to proceed can be easy in some instances, as well. But it does not take an engineer to figure out that the “what” and the “how” of a project are two completely different things.

At Revere, we have introduced a concept called the FEED+© study into our markets. The “FEED” stands for front-end engineering and design. The “+” stands for everything customers receive in addition to the front-end work. Our expertise comes in when organizations do not have the experience, time, or resources to allocate to developing a good scope of work for a great idea they want to implement…


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